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Vook Electric Drift Trike

Vook is a revolutionary e-trike designed to bring joy, excitement, and sustainability to personal transportation. Packed with dual 3-kW hub motors, this funky low-rider offers up to 110 miles of per-charge range, making it a versatile option for commuting, drifting, and off-road adventures. Constructed from lightweight aluminum, the Vook e-Trike features a sturdy frame available in various colors, with a custom-designed bucket seat made from fiberglass and eco-leather, ensuring comfort during long rides. Its puncture-resistant 20-inch front tire and dual 6.5-inch rear tires guarantee a smooth and steady journey.

Powered by a 50-Ah/62-V (3.1-kWh) or 30-Ah/62-V (1.86-kWh) lithium-ion battery, the e-trike can reach speeds of up to 65 km/h (40 mph) with its 3,000-watt output. The four drive modes � safe, eco, sport, and boost � offer flexibility for different riding preferences. The Vook Smart app allows easy control, tracking, and customization of the e-trike experience. With features like fingerprint unlocking, GPS tracking, motion detection, and regeneration control, Vook ensures a fully connected and secure ride. Additionally, the e-trike comes with front and rear 1080p cameras, enhancing ride safety and enabling adventure recording. watch the video below

On Indiegogo, Vook is raising funds for production, with estimated shipping starting from December.

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