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Voodoo eBike

Part bicycle, part moped, and part motorcycle, the new Voodoo eBike by Lyric cycles will be whatever you want it to be. This powerful electric shape-shifter definitely satisfies the urge for speed, that much is certain. The Voodoos modern, clean technology is displayed by its svelte, naked trellis frame, yet its retro café racing appearance evokes nostalgia. The sleek ride is the ideal companion whether you want to forgo traffic and aggravation in favor of an environmentally friendly, joyful commute or you want to go on adrenaline-pumping weekend excursions. This dual sport electric vehicle serves a variety of purposes. The Voodoo is at the top of its class with 18,000 peak watts and a top speed of 65 MPH. More ride time is the only thing youll wish it had. Pre-orders now open, with shipping expected Q1 2023.

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Zondas successor, the new supercar from Italo-Argentinian designer Horacio Pagani is the stunning Pagani C9 Huayra. Equipped with a biturbo V12 engine provided by AMG, the Huayra has 700 hp and 737lb ft of torque, Mercedes-Benz "provided" another cool detail to Pagani, the gull-wing-inspired doors by the now rival SLS....
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Convert your traditional bike into a electric bike in seconds with the Electron Wheel. This unique, practical and brilliant design makes cycling easy and effortless, it contains a powerful motor, smart sensors, and an efficient battery that deliver plenty of kick to your ride. Simply remove the front wheel off your current bike and throw on the Electron Wheel, no tools, no hassle, its that simple. Then, just use your bike like you always have, but enjoy the ease of ...
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The #VanLife phenomenon is all the rage lately, a fascination with conversion vans/cars built to take adventurers into the wild. New solutions are being developed with this in mind, like the Egoe Nestbox Van Camping Kit, the perfect way to turn your vehicle into a camp-ready cruiser. The Nestbox can be fitted in just five minutes into the trunk of your vehicle, providing convenient compartments for water, a fridge, and cooking equipment. It also comes with a sleepin...
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