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Virgo eBike Helmet

With the rising popularity of eBikes and their ability to achieve higher speeds with minimal effort, it is crucial to reassess the significance of wearing a helmet for optimal safety. Enter the Virgo eBike Helmet, a groundbreaking fusion of traditional cycling helmets and full-face designs. Crafted specifically for e-mobility, the Virgo delivers a harmonious blend of safety and style in a lightweight package that suits diverse real-world scenarios.

Created by The Beam, a pioneering French startup, the Virgo helmet distinguishes itself through its integrated chin guard, surpassing conventional cycling helmets in safeguarding capabilities while retaining an elegant and lightweight appearance reminiscent of downhill mountain bike helmets. Notably, this helmet features a convenient flip-up polycarbonate visor, offering choices of clear, smoke, and blue shades, accompanied by a detachable magnetic tail light. The tail light doubles as a brake light, utilizing an integrated accelerometer to detect sudden speed reductions. Enhancing protection against rotational forces during impacts, the Virgo is equipped with the Mips system, preserving the riders brain integrity. It showcases a polycarbonate shell, an EPS foam liner, and complies with rigorous safety standards. watch the video below

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