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Urwahn Platzhirsch E-Bike

Urwahn Bikes have introduced an electrified version of their award-winning creation, the Stadfuchs commuter model. The new Platzhirsch (German for "top dog") is a 3D-printed e-bike with integrated smart lighting and fully integrated cables. The sleek bike maintains the same distinctive design and ergonomic construction as the popular Stadfuchs model, at the back you get a curvy frame that acts as a way of dispersing strains and shocks on the rear wheel but also contributes in giving it its distinct look. The unique frame is made out of "organic steel" that is joined together via 3D-printed steel connectors, and hides electrical components including the 250-Wh battery. Pedalling power is augmented by a 250-watt Mahle ebikemotion rear hub motor with 40 Nm of torque and capable of delivering a top speed of 16 mph (25 kmh). The range is up to 80km, but you can also add a range extender to boost this by around 60km. Other notable features include integrated LED lighting system, with the front light built into the handlebars and the rear integrated into the seatpost, internal cable routing, Shimano BR-UR300 hydraulic disc brakes, a Gates Carbon belt drive, and integrated mounting points for fenders and racks. watch the video below

urwahn-platzhirsch-bike-2.jpg | Image

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Code-X AG is a Swiss company domiciled in Meggen (Canton Lucerne). Code-X AG develops fundamentally new concepts in yacht construction and yacht drives with the declared aim of having these concepts becoming the standard in the future. This 47 7” catamaran beauty can achieve 80 knots with its twin Ilmor formula one engines, delivering a hefty 710hp a piece, or at a more leisurely 9 knots by the twin electric motors....
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Maxlider 4-Door Bronco | Image

Maxlider 4-Door Bronco

Few cars can capture the true adventurous energy that the Ford Bronco exudes, the iconic SUV was one of the world´s leading 4x4 vehicles for three decades (between 1966 and 1996) but Ford never offered a four-door Bronco to the public. The team at Maxlider Brothers Customs has taken it upon themselves to rectify this glaring error by stretching a first-gen Bronco, fitting an extra set of doors, and a third row of seats to take more pals off-road! The build is mighty...
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The Jaguar E-Type´s 50th anniversary is in 2011, and many still admire the stunning lines of the car. Swedish design firm Visualtech, is one of those admirers and decided to create an E-Type for the 21st century. The tribute, called the Growler 2011 Concept, is what you see above. The concept is clearly inspired by the famous Jaguar, but we can also see certain lines of the Chevrolet Corvette. Visualtech decided to build a very short series run of the cars....
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