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Ritretto 512 eBike

With its timeless design, advanced engineering, and limited availability of 400 units, the Ritretto 512 eBike is a street-legal bike (operates without the need for a license, insurance, or registration) offers multi-class modes, high power, and a range of up to 100 miles. Available in two wheel sizes, 20-inch and 24-inch, the sleek eBike is equipped with multi-class modes, the Class 2 allows for throttle and pedal-assist up to 20mph, while Class 3 permits pedal-assist speeds of up to 28mph. Positioned strategically in the center of the bike, the Catalina battery pack offers an impressive range of up to 100 miles in pedal assist mode and over 45 miles in throttle mode, making the 512 one of the most capable bikes on the market.  Powered by the X1 Pro Gen 3 from CYC Motors, a high-efficiency BLDC motor delivering 250N.m of torque, the bike maintains a compact form factor without compromising on power. Custom controllers with dedicated firmware contribute to a truly exceptional riding experience.

The Ristretto 512 First Edition is priced at $3,800 for the A20 and $4,200 for the A24. Pre-orders are now open with a deposit of $3,000. Production has already commenced, and deliveries to customers will begin in Q4 of this year. Take advantage of the introductory offer today, which includes $512 off and free shipping for customers in the USA.

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