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Mokumono Bike

Amsterdam is the cycling capital of Europe, so there is no surprise some very cool bicycles are being created in the Netherlands. Inspired by the automotive industry and its innovating and automating of production processes, Mokumono decided to try and reinvent the way a bike frame is produced, using robots just like in the automotive manufacture. Instead of the traditional tubes, the main part of the frame is made from two sheets of 7000-grade aluminum. To allow for a comfortable ride, they designed the frame with floating rear stays and added a carbon fiber front fork, making sure that the strong and lightweight frame offers a smooth ride. Mokumono only use the best components available, the bike features a Gates Carbon Belt Drive System, Shimano 105 grade hydraulic flat mount disk brakes, a Brooks Cambium C15 saddle, a Shimano Alfine 8-speed or 11-speed hub, wheels and saddle protected from thieves with an anti-theft screw, and internal cable routing to hide them from view but more importantly from the environment.

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Kormaran is one of the most technologically accomplished watercrafts available, made fit for 007. The 23 feet shape-shifting boat transforms into various configurations with the push of a button, to perfectly adjust to every situation. Built in Austria, it faces the water like a Katamaran, Trimaran, Bathingmode, Nightmode, and Hydrofoil. Thats right. The versatile Kormaran converts itself to suit the various conditions of the sea, transforming its hull with hydrauli...
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Clothing brand Diesel and Ducati started a partnership last year with Diesel sponsoring the Ducati Team in MotoGP, now they have taken their partnership a step further collaborating on the Ducati Monster Diesel. The customized model is an Ďurban military chicí interpretation of Ducatiís iconic naked motorcycle and will be unveiled alongside the new collection at the Diesel stores of New York - Soho (15 March) Rome (22 March) and Tokyo-Shibuya (29 March). With Ducati...
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1961 Triumph TR4 | Image

1961 Triumph TR4

Found back in 2009 rusting away in a Kentucky barn, this stunning 1961 Triumph TR4 has been brought back to its former glory with a striking color scheme. The TR4 is one of the quintessential British roadsters of the 60s and became a celebrated rally car. This rare early example of the model now wears a deep coat of black paint, complemented by menacing black wire wheels, and a clean, bumper-less look on the body. Inside, a fresh, custom red leather cabin breaks up ...
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