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MATE X Folding eBike

MATE X is a new offering in the sizzling eBike market, it promises to deliver impressive performance and an affordable price tag. The cool ride is designed to fit everyone from 150cm/49" to those over 215cm/70" with ease, simply adjust the saddle and handlebar. And, when not in use, it folds down to a very compact 91cm high, 76cm long. Powered by a 750W electric motor, combined with an impressive 48V battery, the MATE X can reach speeds of more than 20 mph with a range of up to 55 miles. The bikes also come with an aluminum frame, disc brakes, an adjustable suspension, an integrated smartphone holder, a USB charging port, a Shimano 8-speed cassette gear system, and puncture-resistant all-terrain tires to help get you anywhere you want. Five bold color options are available, and you can choose from a variety of accessories, including fenders, a rear-mounted cargo rack, and an integrated thumb throttle. watch the video below

You can order one now over at Indiegogo for an early bird price of $999 $2,699

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Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior


Kormaran is one of the most technologically accomplished watercrafts available, made fit for 007. The 23 feet shape-shifting boat transforms into various configurations with the push of a button, to perfectly adjust to every situation. Built in Austria, it faces the water like a Katamaran, Trimaran, Bathingmode, Nightmode, and Hydrofoil. Thats right. The versatile Kormaran converts itself to suit the various conditions of the sea, transforming its hull with hydrauli...
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SAY (Sven Akermann Yachts) is a young, successful German company that has set itself the goal to develop and build spectacular yachts and boats that are unique in design, materials and workmanship. The SAY Power featured here, is a small carbon tender for lake and sea, due to its lightweight construction, the boat operates economically and environmentally friendly. The boat features a Weber Jet 140hp engine and has a maximum speed of 35 knots....
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1978 SOFT TOP UNIMOG | Image


Every once in a while something special turns up for sale at Ebay, like this 1978 Soft Top Unimog rebuilt recently by a off-road enthusiast. The vintage beast offers you a choice of 20 forward gears plus 8 in reverse, and has the capacity to tow your train or jumbo jet. Current bid is on $27,100 with 2 days left to close of auction, so hurry up and place your bid. via Also check out the amazing Mercedes-Benz G500 XXL that was recently up for grabs on Ebay...
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