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Lumos Firefly Bike Light System

Lumos Firefly is the ultimate bike light system, upgrading your ride with turn signals, brake lights, synchronized flashing and magnetic mounting. Designed to really ramp up your road safety, the versatile system easily mounts to your bicycle, offering far more information than regular bike lights. They can indicate where you are going and when you are slowing down, and because each one carries red, yellow and white diodes, it can act as either a front, rear and/or turn signal light. They also turn off automatically, simply turn one Firefly off and the rest will follow, and because they have a magnetic mounting system, you can effortlessly pop them all in within seconds and remove them just as easily. The included app, lets you customize your blink patterns and brightness to suit your riding preferences. watch the video below

lumos-firefly-bike-light-system-2.jpg | Image

lumos-firefly-bike-light-system-3.jpg | Image

lumos-firefly-bike-light-system-4.jpg | Image


Nomos Glashutte Interior
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Brekr Model F E-Bike | Image

Brekr Model F E-Bike

One of the most interesting-looking electric bikes we have seen recently is the Brekr Model F out of the Netherlands. This good-looking ride aims to provide a mobility solution to urban commuters, the small moped-style bike comes with pedals and wide 22-inch tires, allowing it to easily absorb the majority of bumps and shocks from the road. The unique ride has three assist modes and is powered by an electric motor that is built into the rear wheel, and features a re...
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Canada's Wilderness Vans presents the Grid Mini, a compact camper tailored for off-road adventures. Built on a smaller chassis for enhanced maneuverability, it features a 4x4 capability suitable for hunters or those exploring remote areas. The 22.5-foot Grid Mini boasts a shortened motorhome box for better ground clearance, 40-inch tires, and a nimble design to navigate challenging terrains. Its interior includes a Victron Stage 4 electrical package, a Webasto gas h...
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Alfaholics GTA-R | Image

Alfaholics GTA-R

Alfaholics is breathing new life into an Italian legend, the Alfa Romeo 105 Series. The Bristol-based company are world-renowned for their extensive catalog of restorations, but they also happen to build a bespoke, made-to-order GTA-R, which is both a work of art and an instrument of function. This car is a modern piece of engineering, with carbon fibre doors, bonnet and boot lid, six-pot aluminium front brake callipers with 300mm ventilated discs, large sticky tyre...
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