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Livall PikaBoost eBike Conversion Kit

Tacking Kickstarter by storm (raised over $1million!), the LIVALL PikaBoost is an innovative electric bike converter that can be quickly and effortlessly mounted (no tools needed) on any bicycle wheel to power the bike. The smart electric bike booster features an integrated 234Wh battery, a 250W motor and controller contained in a (6.6lbs) 3kg unit. Simply slide PikaBoost between your seat post and rear wheel, and you will instantly have access to a glorious power boost whenever you need it.

PikaBoost has a self-lock mechanism that prevents loosening through vibration, so riders can rest easy even if they traverse some chunky terrain. When the journey is finished, you can easily transfer it from bike to bike, or store it quickly and easily in a bag.

Other features include IP66 waterproof rating, an 18-mile range in full electric assistance mode, maximum speed of up to 21mph, a self-charging battery, an integrated USB port, regenerative braking, fall protection, and three smart riding modes. watch the video below

livall-pikaboost-ebike-conversion-kit-1.gif | Image

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