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Higgs Cargo eBike

Introducing the Higgs Cargo eBike, a compact and versatile ride that expands your family adventures beyond city limits. With its lower center of gravity and smaller package, you can effortlessly navigate busy streets. The reduced step-over height caters to a wide range of riders, making it accessible to all. Equipped with 20-inch tires and an extended wheelbase, the Higgs Cargo ensures exceptional balance and stability on various terrains.

Despite its compact size, this eBike boasts a powerful 750W motor, suitable for both newcomers and experienced riders. The extended aluminum frame features a built-in bamboo cargo rack, foot rails, and a wheel protector at the rear. It can be customized with a padded seat and handrail for up to two youngsters and offers ample storage space.

This Class 2 eBike offers five levels of pedal-assist, a 7-speed Shimano gearset, and a 780Wh battery, providing a range of 35 to 50 miles per charge. Take your family adventures to the next level with the Higgs Cargo eBike, available for pre-order at a discounted price, making it an affordable choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

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Confederate Motorcycles have rolled out the spectacular all-new X132 Hellcat Speedster, the perfect fusion of power, strength and beauty. The original X132 Hellcat was a huge success for the brand, but how could you make it even better? Bring in a former Ducati designer, thats how! Built from the finest materials including carbon finer and billet aluminum, the beast is equipped with a 132 inch V twin engine delivering an impressive 120hp and putting out 140 torques,...
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Straat Porsche RSR | Image

Straat Porsche RSR

Straat specializes in classic restorations and innovative creations based on the raw essence of the classic Porsche 911. This fantastic build is their interpretation of their client’s dream of an RSR evocation. The idea was conceived when the client, a seasoned collector, was running the fun Targa California road rally a couple of years ago. Inspired by the "spirited" cornering and driving of that event, his vision became clear: wide body, long-nose, lots of power...
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The Jaguar E-Type is arguably the most beautiful car ever made. Now a British company named Eagle (worldwide leaders in Jaguar E-Type restoration) have dedicated themselves to building the ultimate 21st century GT car based on the iconic E-Type, and the result, from any angle, is stunning. The modern version is named Eagle Low Drag GT, it features an all aluminum lightweight body and is equipped with an almighty 4.7 liter aluminum inline-six engine delivering 346 hp...
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