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FUELL Flluid E-Bike

The FUELL Flluid E-Bike, engineered by the FUELL team under the guidance of legendary Erik Buell, is a revolutionary e-bike that exceeds expectations. Buell’s expertise in two-wheeler engineering has allowed the Flluid range to stand out in the saturated world of e-bikes. The Flluid-2 and Flluid-3 are designed to replace your car with their exceptional performance, comfort, and style. 

Both e-bikes are equipped with the all-new Valeo motor and predictive gear shifting, providing a unique riding experience that sets them ahead of the crowd. The Flluid-2 has an ultra-long-range with two removable battery packs for a total of 2kWh of power, providing an impressive range of 225 miles on a single charge. The Flluid-3 is a step-through option with a single 1kWh battery, still offering an impressive range of 110 miles. The FUELL Rider smartphone app allows for remote locking/unlocking, access to usage data and statistics, and more. watch the video below

fuell-flluid-e-bike-2.jpg | Image

fuell-flluid-e-bike-2a.jpg | Image

fuell-flluid-e-bike-3.jpg | Image

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BoatPack is an ingenious solution, a car roof box and a boat in-one! If your going to place a roof box on top of your car you might as well be getting some more use out of it, right? That is what the guys at BoatPack thought, with their product you will be getting a 650lt roof storage box that flips over becoming a lightweight, versatile little rowboat for two. via...
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The Baik Bicycle is the epitome of a minimalist bike. The stunning creation was idealized by Spanish designer Ion Lucin, whom wanted a bike with as little elements and lines as possible. Viewed from the side the sleek bicycle is just mate black, and only from an angle view, you can appreciate the bright color scheme in yellow and orange. Also designed was a beautiful branding that follows the minimal idea, as with the bicycle, when seen from above, it has a black to...
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1978 Toyota Land Cruiser Pick-Up | Image

1978 Toyota Land Cruiser Pick-Up

Known as one of the world’s most reliable exploration vehicles, the Toyota Land Cruiser is a utilitarian dream. Legacy Overland are marquee restorers of Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40s, they work with you to customize the iconic 4x4 that you´ve always wanted. The latest masterpiece to roll out of their workshop is this remarkable 1978 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ-45 Pick-Up in pristine condition after a comprehensive restoration. Besides all the hours put in mechanical work,...
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