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FUELL Flluid E-Bike

The FUELL Flluid E-Bike, engineered by the FUELL team under the guidance of legendary Erik Buell, is a revolutionary e-bike that exceeds expectations. Buell’s expertise in two-wheeler engineering has allowed the Flluid range to stand out in the saturated world of e-bikes. The Flluid-2 and Flluid-3 are designed to replace your car with their exceptional performance, comfort, and style. 

Both e-bikes are equipped with the all-new Valeo motor and predictive gear shifting, providing a unique riding experience that sets them ahead of the crowd. The Flluid-2 has an ultra-long-range with two removable battery packs for a total of 2kWh of power, providing an impressive range of 225 miles on a single charge. The Flluid-3 is a step-through option with a single 1kWh battery, still offering an impressive range of 110 miles. The FUELL Rider smartphone app allows for remote locking/unlocking, access to usage data and statistics, and more. watch the video below

fuell-flluid-e-bike-2.jpg | Image

fuell-flluid-e-bike-2a.jpg | Image

fuell-flluid-e-bike-3.jpg | Image

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