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Capacita Cargo E-Bike

The new Capacita Cargo E-Bike by Pure Cycles is a nice option should you be on the market for something more than a simple e-bike for commuting. In fact it adds some cool features that set it apart from its main competitors and brings some cool features practicality wise. Capacita has two main cargo possibilities a large basket at the front and an extended rear rack that’s able to handle up to around 180lb, so we know this bike means business (you may carry your kid to and from school because it also has foot platforms). You may also add up some extras such as side panniers or a front bag that fits the basket. Let’s not forget this is an e-bike so you also get an app that enables you to smart manage it and get some important data plus a GPS anti-theft system. The aluminum frame includes front and rear lights that will automatically turn on and off because of its light sensors, the light at the back is also a brake light, you also get two super capable brake discs. The electric motor will get you up to 40 miles and has 350W of power thatīll get you anywhere without breaking a sweat. watch the video below

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Huckberry Interior
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EDC Pump

The ingenious EDC Pump by OneUp is a pump/tool combo that takes much of the clutter/storage questions out of the picture when cycling. This innovative multi-tool nests inside your forkīs steer tube, allowing you to bring everything required for trailside repairs without lugging around a bulky pack with multiple tools inside. The system is composed by a unique storage solution integrated into a high volume pump, it is designed to integrate with the EDC Tool System (s...
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U.S. brand Shelby Supercars will launch itīs new supercar, it will be the worldīs fastest production car built (The Bugatti Veryon Supersport currently holds the record). The SSC Ultimate Aero II, is a supercar to rival the 1200 hp of the Veyron SuperSport, According to sources close to the brand, the model will have a 6.8 liters twin-turbocharged V8 engine with a power close to 1400 hp. With a body made of carbon fiber, the supercar weighs only 2,600 pounds, allowi...
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Swedish Stockholm based company Bookman has introduced a stylish, luminous and pocket-sized bicycle accessory, The Bookman Light. The tiny removable lights are very easy to apply, the square plastic case has an oversized rubber button and a groove for the attaching elastic cord. It features 3 flashing modes and is available in yellow, green, blue or black. ...
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