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Canyon Grail:On Electric Gravel Bike

Canyon has merged a gravel and electric bike for the first time. Winner of the prestigious Red Dot design award, the Grail:ON Electric Gravel Bike by Canyon is not only a beauty to look at, it is packed with details and tech that let you explore the possibilities of off-road driving in a creative manner. The bike features a special handlebar specifically designed to meet off-road requirements, and with the ability to effectively absorb both shocks and bumps. There is also a flexible leaf spring VLCS 2.0 seatpost, combined with an integrated clamp that contribute to an outstandingly comfortable riding experience especially on difficult paths. It is powered by the Bosch Performance Line CX Gen4, one of the most powerful and accomplished motor systems available in the market today, and will offer 85Nm of torque and support for speeds up to 20mph. The motor can offer riders a whopping 340% of their own power output in Turbo mode, and also features Eco, Tour and Sport modes.

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