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Canyon Grail Gravel Bike

The new Canyon Grail Generation 2 is the ultimate gravel bike built for versatility and performance. Its adjustable Aero Extensions, spacious storage, and aerodynamic design make it a top choice for riders. Enjoy incredible handling on rough terrain with a compliant chassis, while the lightweight aero frame powers you uphill and down. The integrated storage system is tailored to your needs, optimizing aerodynamics and convenience. The Grail offers a stable and efficient ride that is perfect for mixed surfaces, thanks to its extended wheelbase and well-balanced geometry. Plus, the Aero LOAD system provides storage solutions for essentials. With mounting points for an extra bottle cage and gear options, it is ready for any adventure.

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This is it! after months of spy shots and rumors, the new Tesla Model 3 has been revealed. Elon Musk took the stage yesterday evening to unveil the Tesla entry-level $35,000 Model 3, in an aim to take the company mainstream. The base model will go from zero to 60 miles per hour in less than six seconds, and will achieve 215 miles of range per charge. Autopilot and supercharging are also included as standard options. Inside, everything is controlled via a 17-inch lan...
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Oto Cycles from Barcelona, design classic vintage style bikes powered by an electric motor. Several styles are available, all with bold, retro, 1950´s inspired designs. The OtoR model featured here, comes complete with an LCD display, a Brooks saddle and a choice of a 750w motor enabling it to travel at speeds of up to 34mph. You´ll have the feeling of driving a retro motorcycle, while enjoying the environment with its silent motor. All models are handmade and can...
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Vintage Electric Cafe E-Bike | Image

Vintage Electric Cafe E-Bike

In the ever-evolving market of e-bikes it seems difficult to stand out, not for Vintage Electric though, the California-based manufacturer is fusing the look of vintage bicycles with todays modern technology. Their latest creation comes in the form of the city bike dubbed, The Cafe, and it goes fast! 28mph with a range of up to 60 miles (96.5km). The stylish e-bike is powered by a 750w torque sensing drivetrain with 5 different assist levels...
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