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Adlar Gravel Bike

Escape the ordinary and explore the world on the Adlar, a versatile carbon gravel bike from Wilier. Perfect for touring, bikepacking, and all-road adventures, the Adlar is meticulously designed for ultra-endurance rides. Its robust carbon frame, inspired by MTB geometry, ensures stability on various terrains. With a short stem and an open steering angle, control is excellent even with a full load.

The Adlar´s frame supports extra-long fork stays and suspension forks without altering the geometry. The innovative single chainring transmission design incorporates a built-in mudguard. It features cable passage for dynamo hub setups and accepts a telescopic post for added versatility. With generous tire clearance, it accommodates gravel tires up to 52mm and even 29 x 2.00" mountain bike tires.

Designed for bikepacking, the Adlar boasts multiple fixing points for accessories and evenly distributes bag weight with thru-axles. Optional mudguards and quick-attach bags complete the adventure-ready package. The Adlar is your ticket to boundless exploration and unforgettable rides. watch the video below

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