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Zero Labs Classic Electric Car Platform

Thanks to this electric platform by Zero Labs, you can now turn your favorite classic car into an all-electric vehicle! This is the world’s first complete electric platform made for transforming classic gas-powered vehicles into clean energy heroes. The package includes an upgradable battery offering over 235 miles of range, a 600+ horsepower HV power system, remote diagnostics, automatic control, and independent front and rear suspensions. They offer platforms for various vehicles in the 1947-1975 range, including Land Rover and the Ford Bronco. watch the video below

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Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior


The makers behind the popular origami-inspired kayak have introduced a two-seated edition called the Haven. The Oru Kayak Haven is a compact, lightweight and packable boat which folds like an origami and fits into a small suitcase. It is quick to assemble (only 10 min) and is fast, stable and handles incredibly well. The packable tandem kayak can be quickly and easily converted to single-person occupancy, and is great for paddlers of all shapes and sizes. Perfect fo...
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If you take your furry friend along with you when travelling you might consider protecting your loose dog with one of these crash tested and approved Variocages. With a fully approved SPCT test, Variocage is considered to be the safest dog cage on the market, it was designed with telescoping poles and crumple zones, so the crate takes the impact of an accident, not you or your dog! The size of the cage is adjustable in depth to fit the size of your trunk. watch the ...
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2015 VOLVO XC90 | Image

2015 VOLVO XC90

Volvo have unveiled the all new XC90, soon to be one of the safest, most hi-tech and most economical SUVs on the market. The beautiful SUV features a more aggressive design with "Thors Hammer” LED lights dominating the front of the car, and sports a large, vertically oriented touchscreen, and a head-up display, all controlled via wheel-mounted buttons. The system also boasts Apples CarPlay. The bold redesign extends to cabin, too, with beautiful leather and wood d...
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