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Tesla Cybertruck

After announcing their intention to build a fully electric pickup truck, and after several spy shots and teasers over the past year, Tesla have finally unveiled the new futuristic Cybertruck, and boy is it unlike anything you’ve seen before. The radical truck looks like something out of a sci-fi movie like Tron or Blade Runner, and it comes with some very impressive specs, combining the utility of a truck with the performance of a sports car. Made out of ultra-hard 30X cold-rolled stainless steel (strong enough to stop a 9mm bullet), this beast can accelerate faster than a Porsche 911, doing a 0-60 time of less than 6.5 seconds. It also has an amazing 250+ mile range, 7,500+lb towing capacity, and a storage capacity of 100 cubic feet. Inside there is a 17" touchscreen, and room for six adults. The price starts at $39,000, for those interested, the Tesla Cybertruck is now already taking pre-orders for the price of just $100. It is definitely a hate it or love it design, we would have preferred it looked a little like this though.

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Hammocraft is the ultimate party boat, in this case you mix up the cool, chilling factor of the hammock with being on a boat, so you get the idea behind this contraption. With a design that´s been refined for more than 10 years, the guys have really tuned up the concept and now hanging out and chillaxing on a hammock has never been so cool, because you can do it safely on water. The lightweight aluminum frame is designed to sling up to 5 hammocks on in...
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The Steer Carrier is a minimalist combo of handlebars and carrier in one. Made of aluminum, the lightweight product is rust free and can be installed in a low or high position, for either a relaxed ride or for sports riding at higher speeds. Designed to make the lives of urban cyclists and commuters easier, the stylish and minimalist carrier has a maximum weight capacity of around 26 pounds, comes with mushroom grips for more comfort, and is available in a choice of...
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Group harrington are producing half scale cars supposedly aimed for kids, but adults can cram into them to. They build accurate half scale of the legendary timeless classics like the "Porche 356", "Mercedes Benz 300SL" "Jaguar E-type" "Bugatti T35" and the more recent "Willys Jeep". They are produced in both petrol and electric models. They can build your own car to order, you can choose any colour (metallic or solid) for the body, and any colour for the interior. ...
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