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Terradyne Gurkha Truck

The impressive Terradyne Gurkha Truck is armored vehicle that adds a whole new level of style and safety to your commute. Built by Terradyne Armored Vehicles Inc. of Ontario, Canada, this mighty 2017 Gurkha is the epitome of ruggedness and street cred. Powered by a 6.7-liter turbodiesel V8 engine, this beast runs on a Ford F550 chassis with four-wheel drive for unstoppable performance. What sets the Gurkha apart is its B7/STANAG armor, providing the highest level of protection against small arms fire. Dont let the tough exterior fool you, inside youll find comfort and luxury with quilted leather seats and a touchscreen infotainment system. With only 7k miles on the odometer, this Gurkha is ready to conquer the road. Finished in matte black and equipped with features like LED lighting and a Warn front winch, this could be the perfect starting point for your dream adventure vehicle. Check out the auction now on Bring a Trailer.

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The Urwahn Stadtfuchs Bike is a new project developed by a German team that aimed to create a bike that would mainly appeal to urban commuters and that would somehow synthesize the urban concept with an all terrain approach and then add some modern features. The sleek bike has a distinctive design and an ergonomic construction, at the back you get a curvy frame that acts as a way of dispersing strains and shocks on the rear wheel but also contributes in giving it it...
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Victor Bike is a concept created by designer Christophe Robillard of Montreal. A great design that stands out by its unique frame. In a very minimalist approach the frame consists of a single tube that is bent to connect to the back wheel. Christophe says: "I created an object which harmonizes with the townscape while respecting the charisma and the dignity of the cyclist: such values I hold dearly."...
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One of the biggest challenges to cyclists is staying visible to cars, the new iGlowCageB by Topeak will surely grab the attention of everybody around you. Winner of the prestigious Red Dot Award, the ingenious water bottle features an integrated super bright RBG LED that illuminates it for 360 degrees of visibility, increasing night safety by alerting motorists or other cyclists of your presence. You can choose from constant on and blinking of the light, and a varie...
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