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Straat Porsche RSR

Straat specializes in classic restorations and innovative creations based on the raw essence of the classic Porsche 911. This fantastic build is their interpretation of their client’s dream of an RSR evocation. The idea was conceived when the client, a seasoned collector, was running the fun Targa California road rally a couple of years ago. Inspired by the "spirited" cornering and driving of that event, his vision became clear: wide body, long-nose, lots of power, and more than enough brakes and suspension to match.

With that mandate, Straat chose an extremely clean 1973 911T as a donor and began to strip and prepare the body for the reconstruction. During the build they decided to go with an even stronger engine configuration: they commissioned a 993 based 3,8 liter MOTEC EFI engine with Patrick Motorsports in Arizona. To go with the close to 400 HP configuration, they chose a matching Porsche 915 re-geared transmission, 964 Turbo Brakes, and KW adjustable suspension. Among other features are an HEIGO roll cage, electric A/C, a retrofitted stereo, Panasport wheels, Michelin sticky tires, 9eleven headlights, RSR Porsche plastic gas tank, Recaro Specialist Seats and much more.

You can choose from one of Straat´s available restorations, or work with them to customize your own custom 911, every project is shaped by your will, and infused with your personality. You dream it, they customize it.

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The XTR by Moby1 is the ultimate adventure trailer. Each trailer is hand crafted and made  with the highest quality components available and offers sleep quarters for 3. If you need to spread out, you can get a roof-top tent to sleep 4 more. The XTR has an extensive array of options, including heating and air conditioning, generator, and solar panels, outdoor shower, and much more to support and sustain life and comfort on your remote back country expeditions. ...
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Vintage Electric Cafe E-Bike | Image

Vintage Electric Cafe E-Bike

In the ever-evolving market of e-bikes it seems difficult to stand out, not for Vintage Electric though, the California-based manufacturer is fusing the look of vintage bicycles with todays modern technology. Their latest creation comes in the form of the city bike dubbed, The Cafe, and it goes fast! 28mph with a range of up to 60 miles (96.5km). The stylish e-bike is powered by a 750w torque sensing drivetrain with 5 different assist levels...
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Yamaha 04GEN | Image

Yamaha 04GEN

Yamaha have recently unveiled the fourth concept model of Yamaha´s Gen series, featuring semi-transparent body panels and a frame with a flowing, organic design. The impressive 04GEN features a monocoque frame that resembles the basic structure of a Vespa, and a semi-transparent resin bodywork allowing the internal structure of the scooter to be displayed. But the standout feature is undoubtedly the pivoting rear side panels that can be lifted to look like insect w...
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