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Sony Vision-S

Sony has shocked everyone at the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show (CES), unveiling an all-electric car dubbed the Vision-S. The Japanese giant has revolutionized the music industry with its Walkman and video games with Playstation. Now Sony has announced its first step in the field of car mobility, presenting a vehicle that serves as a showcase for the automotive technology the company is currently working on. It features no less than 33 sensors including CMOS image sensors, Solid State LiDAR, and radar embedded across the exterior that allow it to detect and recognize people and objects outside the vehicle, as well as monitor the passengers. There is also multiple widescreen displays, 360 audio, always-on connectivity, displays that serve as a replacement for the rearview mirrors, and 360 Reality Audio┬┤s integrated seat speakers that surround every passenger with immersive sound. Power is provided by a pair of 200 kW electric motors and the concept can reportedly hit 62 mph (100 km/h) in a brisk 4.8 seconds and a 149 mph (239 km/h) top speed. It also features a double wishbone front and rear suspension with an air spring system, and all-wheel-drive. watch the video below

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Mitsubishi L200 Expedition Truck | Image

Mitsubishi L200 Expedition Truck

The current sixth generation of the popular L200 is much more than a pickup truck, thanks to its powerful diesel engine and its special all-wheel drive system, it can easily handle any terrain. Mitsubishi has now announced several different packages and accessories for campers and hunters, with a special camping conversion option that offers numerous practical solutions for sleeping and cooking outdoors. It comes equipped with an inflatable roof tent that is easily ...
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British automaker David Brown Automotive, has teamed up with powertrain tuning specialists, Osselli Racing, for this performance-focused version of the Mini Remastered, with a new and more powerful engine and a healthy dose of performance-enhancing updates. Powered by a tuned 1,450cc four-cylinder engine outputting 125hp at 6,200rpm and 113lb ft of torque 1,700 revs earlier, the new model can crack 62mph in 7.8 seconds. Developed for both road and track use, the Ose...
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Audi AI:Trail Quattro | Image

Audi AI:Trail Quattro

Audi have shown a preview of their future emission-free off-roader, the spectacular Audi AI:Trail Quattro. The study takes the shape of a futuristic, buggy-style four-door vehicle with a fully electric powertrain, incorporating four electric motors for a driveshaft-free all-wheel drive. The all-electric vehicle encloses its passengers in a glass bubble, and features massively knobby tires that appear to be from an off-planet vehicle. A large lithium-ion battery prov...
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