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Porsche 928 Monolite Project

Get ready for a safari-style Porsche like you've never seen before! Racing driver and car customizer Fercho Urquiza from Mexico has unleashed his creativity on a Porsche 928 S, and the result is nothing short of mind-blowing. This unconventional build not only exudes coolness but also has the power to ruffle the feathers of automotive purists.

In the world of automotive customization, the Porsche 928 Monolite Project stands as a testament to breaking boundaries and embracing individuality. The foundation of this project is a 928 S equipped with a manual gearbox, setting the stage for an extraordinary transformation. Over the course of 2+ years, Urquiza meticulously converted the rear into a pickup, handcrafting widened front and rear fenders to amplify its commanding presence.

What makes this Porsche 928 Monolite Project truly unique is the array of bespoke additions. From the handcrafted roof rack to the front bull bars, each detail reflects a labor of love. The customizations don't stop there – an oven-painted 1/4 inch skid plate in the front adds both protection and style. And for those moments when the road gets tough, a robust 10,000lb winch is ready for action.

The functionality of this safari-ready beast is further enhanced with a purpose-designed rack capable of securely holding two bicycles, a foil board, and even a water ski simultaneously. Step inside for a racing-inspired interior adorned in luxurious leather, creating an elegant atmosphere. The custom roll cage seamlessly integrates with the console, ensuring safety without compromising style. Enjoy modern amenities like the Porsche Classic stereo, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and GPS from the bucket seats with a 5-point harness. The driving experience is enhanced with Focal speakers and a handcrafted titanium exhaust, turning every journey into a symphony of sound.

All images by Roberto H.

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