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Porsche 911 Syberia RS

An off-road Porsche! We love this, partially because its just cool looking and partially because it drives automotive purists up the wall. This extraordinary Porsche 911 coupe from 1986 was converted into a desert trail beast by H&R and Burkhard Industries. The two German companies collaborated on this unique project named Syberia RS. They stripped the off-road 911 to its bare essentials, and built a completely new chassis geometry to fit spring-mounted shock absorbers with variable height adjustment. The H&R custom-made coilover gives the Syberia RS the maximum of traction and performance in every conceivable driving situation. It was also fitted with special spring plates and support bearings, custom fender flares, a custom exhaust system with two centrally-mounted tailpipes, a sleek roof rack,perforated steel bumpers with tie downs at the back, a hidden winch at the front, two additional rally lights on the front hood, as well as big off-road tires mounted on period-correct rims. The interior was also redesigned in line of the stealthy exterior, it features bucket seats by Recaro, a massive roll cage, a tall rally-style gearshift lever, and plenty of suede trim. watch the video below for some serious drooling

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Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior


The hoverboard is here! (well not quite), meet Onewheel, a self-balancing one-wheeled electric skateboard. It is basically a skateboard without the wheels and with a big fat wheel in the center, all the electric stuff is neatly hidden inside the aluminum chassis of the board. The board is easy to ride, simply lean forward to drive forward, back to stop and press your heels or toes to turn. When fully charged, the Onewheel has a 6 mile range and can hit speeds of 12 ...
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2015 LINCOLN MKC | Image


Lincoln are reinventing themselves, they have officially presented the new Lincoln MKC, and it looks stunning. The 2015 Lincoln MKC is the anxiously awaited production model of the MKC Concept revealed earlier this year. The beautifully designed SUV is equipped with a 275 horsepower 2.3 liter EcoBoost engine and 300 pound feet of torque. The MKC is equipped with all the latest hi-tech features and can be paired with a mobile app to easily unlock, lock, start or even...
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Ass Savers are practical bicycle mudguards. Made of recycled material, it weighs practically nothing and folds into a stable position under the saddle. Place it at the first sign of rain, eliminating embarrassing stains after a race on a wet track, and when not needed, fold it up and tuck it underneath your saddle. At an affordable price, this is worth considering if you do not have a mudguard on your fixie. watch the video...
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