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Porsche 911 Safari Sportsman

This custom Porsche Safari 911 kit by Russell Built Fabrications will turn your otherwise tarmac-only Porsche into a desert trail beast. The idea is to pay homage to the off road racing success Porsche had the mid 80s, using today´s technology and engineering to out-fit and upgrade your Porsche 911 to the most capable, versatile, dual sport air cooled 911 on the planet. The Safari Sportsman kit was specifically designed to soak up heavy off road abuse while still retaining a plush, responsive and sporty feel expected from a daily driven Porsche 911. The kit dresses up the beast with the hips and curves of the iconic wide body Turbo 964, a new suspension package, skid plates, five signature BAJA  wheels, front and rear bumpers, front and rear flares, plus mud flaps with brackets. They can even install a 400-horsepower 4.0-liter flat-six engine.

This Sportsman kit is completely bolt on requiring little to no fabrication, with an extensive list of accessories and options that gives the customer the opportunity to enter the Off-road Porsche world and slowly build up their vehicle as they see fit based on desire and or budget.

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South Garage BMW R75/5 | Image

South Garage BMW R75/5

Our Friday custom motorbike crush comes from Italy´s South Garage. The spectacular build is based on a BMW R75/5 from 1979, and it was given the name "Nerboruta”, an Italian term used to describe something brawny, muscular and sinewy, which perfectly reflects the bike’s presence. After stripping the beauty to its barest essentials, the Milan-based crew went to work on handcrafting the parts and pieces to give Nerboruta a stance that earns its name. Wood grain a...
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2013 BMW M6 COUPE | Image


Bmw has released the first official images and information of the new M6, the most explosive in the current 6 Series generation, available in coupe and convertible. The official presentation of the new cars is scheduled for next March, in Geneva. Sales kick off in the last quarter of the year. The new M6 from the German brand has the same 4.4 V8, 560 hp engine of its four-door brother making it capable of reaching 62 mph in 4.2 seconds....
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The Altum Bicycle Multitool is a new offer of bike tools on the market, we´ve been watching the bike market seriously grow these past few years so it´s only natural that companies develop sets of tools in order to best fit the needs of modern bike users and urban commuters, and what they all need is practicality and portability. This multitool fulfills these two needs, the small and portable item comes with a sleek tool roll to keep them well stored and belt porta...
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