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Porsche 911 Le Mans Classic Clubsport

Porsche specialist Paul Stephens recently unveiled a limited edition Le Mans Classic Clubsport, a modified classic Porsche 911 based on the Stuttgart brand´s Clubsport model. This bare-essentials 911 is as pure Porsche as they come, with the design process beginning with an original 911 chassis that is restored to Clubsport specifications. The build brings the car back to its original condition and includes features such as a lightweight aluminum roof, lightweight bumpers, poor sound insulation and rear-view mirrors. Owners can opt for a "Touring" design with more comfort and a more "attractive" look or the more "hardcore" lightweight version. The first option weighs 1075kg and the second weighs just 970kg. Underneath the hood will be a 3.4 liter air-cooled engine that delivers around 300hp, good for 0-62 times of 4.4 seconds and a top speed of 170 MPH. Each car will also have a luggage box mounted behind the front seats, a custom luggage set and hand-painted Le Mans Classic bodywork details.

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Floyd Interior
Aer interior


Designed by Joey Ruiter, Inner City Bikes are all about simplicity, they create minimalist bicycles that are stripped down to their core. Their latest creation is this stripped down urban commuter named BIG20, a lightweight and compact bike that is easily stored and very maneuverable, the perfect ride for traveling in an urban environment. BIG20 comes equipped with a 1×10 drive train, disc brakes, and is completely customizable....
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Everrati Electric Ford GT40 | Image

Everrati Electric Ford GT40

British electric conversion specialist Everrati has partnered with American continuation classic builder Superperformance to revive one of history’s most iconic sports cars, the legendary Ford GT40. The main goal is for the GT40 to retain the driving character (maintaining the proper weight distribution and handling) of the original, except for running on electric power. The beast is equipped by a 700V EV powertrain system with Direct DC Fast charging, and is capa...
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Asphalt and Gravel Honda Dominator | Image

Asphalt and Gravel Honda Dominator

The Honda Dominator is one of the most iconic motorcycles of the Nineties, a great all-rounder with legendary Honda reliability and loads of potential. Nowadays it has become popular with custom builders, and the latest workshop to give it a twist are the guys over at Asphalt and Gravel. The donor bike is a Honda NX650 Dominator and the client wanted a scrambler with some 70s dirt bike influence. Major changes included a new gas tank from a 1971 KTM dirt bike, new L...
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