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Porsche 356 White Walker

Timeless Garage from Lisbon, Portugal, is a classic car workshop that is dedicated to the true lovers of vintage cars. Tiago Freixo, the owner, grew up with cars and inherited from his grandfather his passion and business. Now he makes dreams come true for those who want to customize their vintage car or who want to add one more to the collection. An example of his work is this stunning Porsche Outlaw White Walker from 1962. The restoration began with the bodywork, the first thing to do was smoothen the edges of the bumper to give it a cleaner look. The suspension has been lowered for a more elegant and pleasing sight. It received new disc brakes and Koni bumpers, as well as an interior with custom leather seats, a MOMO steering wheel and a retro Bluetooth radio. To give it a power boost, the original engine was tuned with a 1750cc Big Bore kit and a pair of Webber DCOE 40" carburetors. The beauty was finished with an immaculate white paint job that contrasts beautifully with the bright yellow of the headlights. Feel free to drool over the gallery below...

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Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior
FJ Company Sport | Image

FJ Company Sport

FJ Company specialize in performing full, frame-off restorations of the classic Japanese Toyota FJ series. Built for the serious Toyota FJ enthusiast, The Sport is the most modern Land Cruiser in FJ Company´s lineup, an authentic FJ40 or FJ43, completely re-engineered with a Toyota 1FZ engine (210hp), electronic fuel injection, 5-speed manual, upgraded performance steering system, Air conditioning & heating, and more. You can also add luxury options you’d expect...
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Auto Fabrica SR500 | Image

Auto Fabrica SR500

British custom builders Auto Fabrica have really achieved perfection in its simplicity with their new build, a Yamaha SR500 conversion. This sleek and clean 60s scrambler-influenced ride has a custom bodywork handmade from aluminum, and features some stunning details such as the remarkable exhaust, finished in a silver ceramic coating for added heat protection, and with an exposed aluminum surface on the tank, which doubles up as a knee guard for the exhaust. It als...
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Gibbs Sports unveiled a prototype of the first commercially viable high-speed personal sports amphibian - Quadski. It is capable of travelling up to 50 mph (72 kph) on land and water and makes the transition at the flick of a switch. Just imagine the fun of driving a Quadski on land one minute and then head straight into the sea or river the next....
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