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Mercedes Electric G-Class

Mercedes-Benz has offered fans of the legendary G-Wagen a glimpse of the future. The brands´ electrification plans just got a whole lot clearer with the preview of the all-electric G-Class. But don´t get your chequebook out just yet, this is still in a concept stage, although it already provides an exciting preview of the all-electric version of the legendary all-terrain vehicle. The Mercedes-Benz EQG Concept stays true to the classic G-Class aesthetic with its utilitarian styling and signature boxy design, but has been enhanced with modern details from the EQ family. Elements like the grille have been updated with LED accents in a 3D effect, as well as the front of the roof rack, exterior mirror housings, side panels, and rear end. Additionally, the traditional round spare-wheel-carrier now takes on a square build, becoming a storage box. The all-electric vehicle also comes equipped with four individually controlled motors, an independent suspension on the front axle, and a shiftable 2-speed gearbox delivering a dynamic off-road driving experience. Arriving by 2025.

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This amazing supercar was first presented to the public at the Geneva show back in febuary, it is now available for purchase, so get your checkbooks out! The Murcielago successor, features a 6500cc V12 engine producing 691hp, accelerating from 0-100km\h in 2.9 sec and achieving a maximum speed of approx. 350km \ h....
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Piech GT | Image

Piech GT

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The talented team at Deus Customs have created the perfect ride for hitting the beach in style. Based on a 1974 Honda Super Cub C70, the "Sea Sider” is a surf commuter built for the itinerant surfer, it features the engine from a 1995 Honda Astra for more power and better reliability, and some vintage bicycle pieces such as the handlebars and the front light. To add to the bicycle feel, a custom metal frame was cut and welded to form the front basket with treated ...
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