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Kindred Chevy 3100

Kindred Motorworks is a California company that is bringing classic cars into the future, delivering all the nostalgia of old days, but with none of the headaches thanks to modern upgrades. Their latest offering is an electrified version of a beloved American classic, the Chevy pickup. Offered with electric power and modern amenities, the Kindred Chevy 3100 is powered by a 294hp Direct drive electric AC motor, and comes with a 74 kWh battery, making it able to cruise 200 miles before requiring a plug-in. Other standout features include power disc brakes at all four wheels, electric power steering, LED lighting, AC, a touchscreen media display, heated bench seats, Bluetooth, cupholders and more. Starting from $159,000. Production Begins 2024.

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Fora Interior
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Nomus Glashutte
Floyd Interior
Tropicfeel Interior
Z-Triton House-Boat-Trike | Image

Z-Triton House-Boat-Trike

Over the many years of surfing the web for the coolest and most eye-catching stuff, occasionally, something truly brilliant catches our attention. Meet the Z-Triton, a unique mobile home that combines an electric tricycle, a boat, and a tiny living space in one. Designed for weekend getaways deep into nature, or expeditions around the world for the more adventurous, the Z-Triton offers an incredibly level of versatility crammed into its small but perfectly formed fr...
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Shelby Cobra CSX1000 | Image

Shelby Cobra CSX1000

This gorgeous Shelby Cobra is the last of 13 CSX1000 continuation cars completed, and is now offered for purchase via the Bring a Trailer website. The 2500-mile Shelby Cobra CSX1000 is in prime condition and is finished in a stunning combination of a Guardsman Blue exterior, and a black interior upholstery. Power is provided by a 427ci side-oiler V8 featuring a Genesis iron FE block, aluminum cylinder heads, and a Holley four-barrel carburetor. Additional equipment ...
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We have seen the ancient Japanese art of origami applied to sheets of paper for creating birds, plants and other shapes, but we never thought we´d see it applied to a real size kayak! The Oru Kayak by designer Anton Willis is a compact and lightweight(25 lbs) boat which folds like an origami and fits into a small suitcase. It is quick to assemble(only 5 min) and is fast, stable and handles incredibly well. The ambitious project is on kickstarter, and judging by the...
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