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Jeep's renowned Gladiator made a significant impact when it hit the market in 2018. Overlanders wasted no time creating camper solutions for this unique pickup, and the demand surged. Now, Jeep has taken the plunge, collaborating with Utah's Addax Overland to produce a versatile and multifunctional camping system for the Gladiator.

The Jeep x Addax Gladiator Overlanding Camper offers a flexible multi-piece construction, including a retractable-roof shell, rooftop tent, and additional accessories. It's a game-changer in the overlanding world, giving buyers the option to keep it sleek and simple or expand it into a versatile micro-RV.

The system starts as a rugged 16-gauge stainless steel truck cap with flip-up hatch doors on both sides. The cap provides the flexibility to stand in the pickup bed, access the roof rack, or transport tall cargo without removing the entire cap.

To take your adventure to the next level, add the aluminum-framed rooftop tent (RTT) that seamlessly attaches to the cap without the need for crossbars or a platform rack. The spacious tent offers ample headroom, an oblong foam mattress, integrated LED lighting, solar panels, an adjustable-speed exhaust fan, and more.

With the Jeep Gladiator Overlanding Camper, you can fully customize your open-air adventures with the patent-pending M-3 Mod System. It's a no-drill assembly, ensuring your cab stays pristine. Whether you're an overlanding enthusiast or simply seeking adventure, this camper offers the freedom to explore in style and comfort.

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