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Ford All-Electric Explorer

The new Ford All-Electric Explorer is the latest addition to Ford’s electric vehicle (EV) lineup in Europe. Built in Germany and designed in America, the all-electric SUV is equipped with new technology to help the brand futureproof itself as it continues to develop EVs. With its max range of 500 km and 10-80% charging time of just 25 minutes, range anxiety is a thing of the past. The car features five seats and 450 liters of storage, making it perfect for families. The 14.6-inch touchscreen infotainment system with wireless app integration provides an enhanced digital experience. The Ford Electric Explorer comes with massage seats, lane assist, and cruise control, making long journeys more comfortable. The car has a clean and modern design, with a sporty edge, and will be available to order later this year.

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Cyglo is a unique, patented invention designed to revolutionise cycling safety. Using high powered LED lights embedded in the tread or wall of the tyres, Cyglo Tyre creates a ring of light that maximises visibility on today’s busy roads. Switched using a motion sensor within the tyre, The LED bulbs can either flash or be permanently on, so when the wheel turns at any speed, a high visibility ring of light is formed whilst continually and perpetually creating it’...
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Mercedes AMG Roof Box | Image

Mercedes AMG Roof Box

Driving a Mercedes coupe is definitely a cool option, but sometimes you need just a bit more space. Thankfully, you don’t have to slap any old roof box on your sleek ride, Mercedes AMG have created an aerodynamic roof box for its high-performance vehicles. The beautifully designed box is unrivaled when it comes to aerodynamics, it has been carefully shaped and engineered to ensure optimal noise levels. It even features integrated handles and a rear diffuser specif...
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Munro Series M Electric SUV | Image

Munro Series M Electric SUV

Munro Vehicles has unveiled its electric SUV, the Munro Series M, after five years of development. This SUV comes in two variants, the M170 and M280, with varying power outputs. The M170 features a 226 horsepower axial-flux motor, an 85kWh battery, and a towing capacity of 4,960 pounds, providing a range of 195 miles. On the other hand, the M280 boasts a 375 horsepower axial-flux motor, the same battery capacity, and an impressive 7,716-pound towing capacity with an...
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