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Cyan Volvo P1800 GT

Cyan Racing introduces the Volvo P1800 GT, a breathtaking restomod that merges classic elegance with modern performance. The new GT variant prioritizes comfort, featuring upgraded interior elements like comfortable seats, enhanced soundproofing, and a modified titanium roll cage. Under the hood, a turbocharged 2.0-liter engine, customizable from 349 to 419 horsepower, powers this beauty. Weighing under 2,200 pounds, it promises a thrilling driving experience. With a sleek exterior reminiscent of the original P1800, including distinctive bumpers, front splitter, and wheel arch flares, the GT also offers a plush interior with sand-colored leather. Tailored for grand touring, the fully adjustable suspension ensures a smooth ride on winding roads, marking a departure from its track-focused predecessor. The Cyan Volvo P1800 GT is a harmonious blend of timeless design and modern drivability.

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1965 Toyota FJ45 Pickup Restomod | Image

1965 Toyota FJ45 Pickup Restomod

Known as one of the world’s most reliable exploration vehicles, the Toyota Land Cruiser is a utilitarian dream. Here is a chance to own this vintage 4x4, a rare and highly desirable LS1 Powered Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 Restomod. This remarkable 1965 Toyota FJ45 Pickup Restomod is in pristine condition after a comprehensive restoration, and has been modified to better than original condition. The beauty is powered by a LS1 5.7 liter 390 HP V8 engine with less than ...
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Portland-based Outside Van specialize in converting the Mercedes Sprinter into a drool-worthy, tricked-out camper van with loads of interior space, and dedicated to hauling sports gear into and out of the wild. Their latest custom-made all-in-one camper van is the spectacular "Valhalla", a kitted out 4WD overlanding vehicle designed for serious gear heads. Based upon the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, the cross-country adventure vehicle features LED light bars, gnarly ...
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Crafted from wood, the stunning Materia Bikes combine brilliantly high-end design and sustainable craftsmanship. The current range breaks down into several types of bikes, whether you are more city, road or pure style, you are spoiled for choice with the creations proposed by these specialists of two- wheels. The wood used on each design is simply beautiful and worked to perfection, you can feel its warmth and body, and understand the hours that were needed to achie...
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