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Bandit9 Monaco

This is the Bandit9 Monaco. Bringing the sports back in sports car, the Monaco is a no-nonsense solo vehicle bred to do one thing: go f*ckin fast. And yes, they are in production now. Coated in a sleek carbon fiber monocoque, the stealthy electric vehicle presents a distilled and purified design that focuses on the true art of driving. Bandit9 claims this beauty can reach 0-60mph in an impressive 2.7-seconds, whilst providing a range of 250 miles from the 536-horsepower unit with zero CO2 emissions. Customers can order directly from the Bandit9 website, with the first orders being delivered in Q3 2023.

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Earthroamer XV-LTS | Image

Earthroamer XV-LTS

Earthroamer are global leaders in Xpedition Vehicles, their spectacular campers are in a class of their own and combine off-road and off-grid capabilities with with modern, home-like interiors. Their latest model is the mammoth EarthRoamer XV-LTS, built on a four-wheel drive, turbo diesel, Ford F-550 chassis. The beastly camper boasts a hefty V8 Turbodiesel engine that pairs with a 4-wheel drive system to take you anywhere you want, and live totally independent of e...
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After going viral with their Topo trailer, Escapod have now introduced the Topo2, a fully overhauled off-road camper built with a single-piece composite construction, making it 250lbs lighter than its predecessor. The new Escapod Topo2 Trailer is now more weather-resistant, has 23 inches of ground clearance, an impressive departure angle at 35 degrees, and features independent suspension, solar-connected lithium power and plenty of other upgrades. Inside...
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Legend Motor Co. introduces the meticulously hand-built Signature Series 001, fusing timeless Land Rover Defender design with advanced tech. Driven by a GM LT1 6.2L E-Rod engine, producing 455 horsepower and 465 lb.-ft. torque, the Signature Series 001 offers impressive performance. An optional LT4 6.2L E-Rod engine generates 650 horsepower and 650 lb.-ft. torque. The GM 8-speed automatic transmission ensures smooth shifting, while the ATLAS II 3.8:1 all-aluminum tr...
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