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Bahn Custom Camper

Bahn Camper Works is a van customiser based out of Hood River, Oregon. They build unique custom campers that feature a Bahn camper shell that only weighs 700 pounds, customers are then free to pick the interior layout and components of their dreams. The campers can be built to fit long, short, and flatbed trucks, but in reality, the company can make you a one-off for whatever you drive. They can add everything from climate control and hot water to a queen-sized bed, a bathtub, bunk beds, an empty hauler for your outdoor gear, a composting toilet, to a full service kitchen and a solar charging system. 

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Electric GT EV-Conversion Crate Motor | Image

Electric GT EV-Conversion Crate Motor

This modular electric crate motor lets you turn your gas car into an electric car! The motors are more or less the same size and shape as a modern V8 engine, and can be pretty easily swapped into whatever gasoline-powered vehicle they’ll physically fit into. It features either one or two electric motors, motor controllers, a charger, a DC-to-DC converter and coolant lines and pumps, in a single block. It is built to pair with manual transmissions and includes all ...
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Everrati Electric Land Rover Series IIA | Image

Everrati Electric Land Rover Series IIA

British electric conversion specialist Everrati first caught our attention with their revival of one of history’s most iconic sports cars, the legendary Ford GT40. Now the team are electrifying one of the world’s most iconic off road vehicles - the Land Rover Series IIA. Everrati will redefine this undisputed icon from a 60s utilitarian vehicle into a beautiful, zero emissions vehicle, suitable for the twenty first century. Restored to the highest level by Land ...
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1960 Aston Martin DB4 GT Lightweight | Image

1960 Aston Martin DB4 GT Lightweight

This stunning 1960 Aston Martin DB4 GT Lightweight is a rare car with an impressive racing history. One of only 75 Touring-bodied DB4 GTs built, and just six RHD "Lightweight" models, this car was originally delivered to the Equipe Endeavour team in April 1960. It made its racing debut with legendary driver Stirling Moss behind the wheel, winning at Goodwood on Easter Monday of the same year. Jack Sears later drove it to four more victories in 1960. The car has sinc...
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