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1980 BMW M1

This M1 model was the first of the famous M line by the premium German automaker, the first is certainly a memorable piece and will remain as a part of automobile history. It did have quite a complicated birth, it was initially designed by Giugiaro and commissioned by Lamborghini to assemble and build it, but financial issues of the Italian supercar brand made it impossible and BMW had to find an alternate solution, so they used Transformazione Italiana Resina to make the fibreglass bodywork which was later assembled and bonded at Marchesi, also responsible for all the rest of the bodywork, dashboard, seats and electrical wiring. The car was then shipped to Germany to get the 3.5l mid-engine along with the 5 speed ZF transmission and the fine tuning and road testing necessary before the actual sale. This model was totally refurbished with a full engine restoration, all the work done is registered and available for buyers to confirm. If you’re into this prototype with an unforgettable look as well as true German premium performance be sure to check out this one out, it is number 265 of a total of only 399 cars.

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Huckberry Interior
2014 DUCATI MONSTER 1200 | Image


Ducati have unveiled  a new and updated version of one of their most iconic motorbikes, the Monster 1200. The impressive beast features a superbike-derived 1198 Testastretta 11° DS engine that delivers an impressive 135 horsepower at 8750 rpm and 87 lb-ft of torque at 7250 rpm! It will be also available in a S version that ups the ante to 145 horsepower and 92 lb-ft of torque. The 2014 Ducati Monster 1200 is listed at $13,495 while the 1200 S comes ...
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Oxboard is like a Segway without armrests, looks much cooler, and is much easier to carry and store. Developed by a Dutch company, Oxboard combines the technology of Segway and the cool of the skateboard culture, it is easy to ride and extremely agile. The two-wheel electric vehicle is operated with your feet and subtle body shifts, you can move forward, backward, make turns and even rotate 360 ​​degrees around your axis. It contains enough energy after ...
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Produced by American boat yard Magnum, Marine 80 stands out for it´s aggressive styling - the work of Italian studio Pininfarina, designers of a number of Ferrari cars. It has two engines totaling an amazing 5200 hp - the equivalent of six F1 cars! - enabling you to navigate at speeds of more than 60mp/h. The 80-ft speedboat can accommodate up to eight people, it features four double staterooms with king size beds....
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