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1980 BMW M1

This M1 model was the first of the famous M line by the premium German automaker, the first is certainly a memorable piece and will remain as a part of automobile history. It did have quite a complicated birth, it was initially designed by Giugiaro and commissioned by Lamborghini to assemble and build it, but financial issues of the Italian supercar brand made it impossible and BMW had to find an alternate solution, so they used Transformazione Italiana Resina to make the fibreglass bodywork which was later assembled and bonded at Marchesi, also responsible for all the rest of the bodywork, dashboard, seats and electrical wiring. The car was then shipped to Germany to get the 3.5l mid-engine along with the 5 speed ZF transmission and the fine tuning and road testing necessary before the actual sale. This model was totally refurbished with a full engine restoration, all the work done is registered and available for buyers to confirm. If you’re into this prototype with an unforgettable look as well as true German premium performance be sure to check out this one out, it is number 265 of a total of only 399 cars.

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Steve McQueen´s Triumph is one of the most customized bikes of all time. We have seen many interpretations of the King of Cool´s bike. But some still continue to surprise us with their proposals, in this case Italian Dino Romano has achieved general applause with the "Great Escape" (inspired by a famous Steve McQueen movie), a full and customized Bonneville. The tribute bike features some great details, like the seat, a genuine relic from a World War II ...
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Land Rover have applied the Sport treatment to the new Discovery, and boy does it look good. The first member of the new Discovery family exudes a personality of adventure, and comes equipped with a powerful 240hp turbocharged, 2.0-liter engine. The interior of the car, has a noticeable leap forward in terms of build quality, and is configured to accommodate up to 7 passengers. The Discovery Sport goes on sale soon with the first deliveries early in 2015. watch the ...
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Impuls BMW K101 | Image

Impuls BMW K101

The Impuls BMW K101 is a true work of rolling art. Based on a BMW K100 from 1985, the spectacular K101 is handbuilt in Munich by Impuls, in collaboration with the artist Fabian Gatermann, who scanned the motorcycle in 3D, modified the structure, then created a series of polygons for the gas tank and seat which were then manually redrawn onto the bike. The end result is an impressive mix of 3D modeling that flows wickedly with a bike that has its roots in the past ye...
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