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Candela Hydrofoil Speedboat

The production version of the impressive all-electric Candela C-8 Hydrofoil Speedboat has just debuted at this year´s CES show in Las Vegas. With an inventive hydrofoil design that elevates the boat above the surface to reduce drag, the C-8 Hydrofoil Speedboat emphasizes speed whilst silently flying above the waves with maximum efficiency. It has a top speed of 30 knots when combined with an efficient carbon-fiber hull, and a 44 kWh battery offers a 50 nautical mile range, which is currently three times further than any previous electric boat. The interior has a front cabin with accommodation for four people and a bathroom, while the roomy cockpit can accommodate eight people comfortably and comes with a sunbed, three seats, and a cooler. A 15.4-inch touchscreen or the Candela app on your phone can be used to control the entire boat, which also has an autopilot system. watch the video below

candela-c-8-hydrofoil-speedboat-2.jpg | Image

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Montegrappa Interior
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Jeep's renowned Gladiator made a significant impact when it hit the market in 2018. Overlanders wasted no time creating camper solutions for this unique pickup, and the demand surged. Now, Jeep has taken the plunge, collaborating with Utah's Addax Overland to produce a versatile and multifunctional camping system for the Gladiator. The Jeep x Addax Gladiator Overlanding Camper offers a flexible multi-piece construction, including a retractable-roof shel...
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Bedslide is simply the easiest way to load and unload your truck bed. Accessing your cargo has never been as easy, simply slide-out the rack system to roll all of your stuff out to you, saving time, effort, and back pain. The all-around efficient upgrade turns your entire truck bed into a sliding drawer and will help you reach everything you put in your truck bed with ease. The Bedslide comes fully assembled and installs easily and quickly, it fits most trucks and h...
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Group harrington are producing half scale cars supposedly aimed for kids, but adults can cram into them to. They build accurate half scale of the legendary timeless classics like the "Porche 356", "Mercedes Benz 300SL" "Jaguar E-type" "Bugatti T35" and the more recent "Willys Jeep". They are produced in both petrol and electric models. They can build your own car to order, you can choose any colour (metallic or solid) for the body, and any colour for the interior. ...
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