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Rotoshovel reinvents the shovel and takes the work out of gardening and landscaping. The handheld electric shovel is easily capable of drilling holes 10 inches deep and 3 inches diameter. It provides over 2 hours of continuous use before needing a charge, and has a safety shutoff feature that automatically stops the motor when it hits rock or root. The versatile Rotoshovel all-in-one tool is ideal for digging, edging, trenching and tilling. watch the video below

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Nomos Glashutte Interior
Huckberry Interior
DB Journey Interior
Montegrappa Interior
Johann Wolff Interior
Kilgour Interior
Tropicfeel Interior
The Urban Society Interior
Oxford Hill interior
Floyd Interior
Dan Henry Interior
Rains Interior
London Sock Interior
Rabbit R1 AI Assistant | Image

Rabbit R1 AI Assistant

Unveiled at CES, the Rabbit R1 quickly captured attention, selling out its initial 10,000 units within 24 hours of launch. Rabbit R1 is a pocket-sized personal assistant that is causing a stir in the tech world. Developed in collaboration with Teenage Engineering, this bright orange pocket-friendly AI assistant functions as a personalized operating system, responding to voice commands to carry out tasks seamlessly.  With a push-to-talk button remin...
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Root Co iPhone Case | Image

Root Co iPhone Case

This outdoor-ready case and accessory fits on your iPhone, giving you peace of mind while capturing photos and videos on your adventures, whether you are on a chairlift, whale watching, zip–lining or rock climbing. It is a foolproof harness that essentially turns your phone into a bungee jumper. Combining the Shock Resist cases and the Mag Reel carabiners (has a retractable cord), makes it easy to grab your phone when you need it and snaps back securely into place...
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Samsung have finally unveiled the Galaxy Buds Pro with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) capable of eliminating up to 99% of background noise, and a lower price than the AirPods Pro. Other perks include a waterproof design and Voice Detect feature that will automatically engage Ambient Sound when you begin speaking. The sleek earbuds also combine 360 Audio with 2-way speakers by AKG, a bass-heavy 11mm woofer and a crisp 6.5mm tweeter for treble, delivering simply amaz...
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