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Teenage Engineering TP-7 Field Recorder

Experience the groundbreaking Teenage Engineering TP-7 Field Recorder, a device that blends modern innovation with nostalgic charm. Drawing inspiration from the iconic iPod´s click wheel, this sophisticated recorder features a dynamic spinning disc for seamless playback control, reminiscent of vintage tape reels. The motorized disc not only serves as a visual indicator but also allows effortless adjustment of playback speed and quick pauses. Alongside the disc, physical buttons for recording, playback, volume control, and voice memos provide convenience and versatility. iPhone users can take advantage of the USB or Bluetooth connectivity to connect the recorder to an accompanying iOS app, transforming voice recordings into editable text. Regrettably, Android compatibility is not available. With three stereo two-way jacks for accessory connection and ample 128GB storage capacity, the TP-7 excels in functionality. Its rechargeable battery offers an impressive seven hours of recording and playback time.

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Ring Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam | Image

Ring Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam

We are big fans of Ring security cameras, and we are really excited about their new Pan-Tilt Indoor Cam. This upgraded camera is a game-changer for home security, it features a motorized pan-tilt base, allowing for 360-degrees coverage and 169-degrees tilt via the Ring app. You can place it anywhere, plug it in, and easily adjust the view from your phone. Retaining its 1080p HD video, two-way talk, motion alerts, built-in siren, and privacy cover, this ...
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Duet is a new app that turns your iPad into a Mac display! Built by ex-Apple engineers, Duet is the first app that lets you connect your iPad to your Mac, giving you an extra display and therefore increasing your productivity (can increase productivity up to 48%). Perfect for engineers, musicians, designers, artists, photo and video editors that work with a lot of apps open. watch the video...
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Being able to sustainably eat fish you have caught yourself is one of fishings great joys, there is nothing like the taste of fresh caught fish when it is properly cleaned and prepared. But preparing your catch for the grill is no easy task, to give you a helping hand, Gerber have introduced the Gutsy Fish Processing Tool, an on-the-go solution that combines the functions of three different fish processing tools that will help you prepare your catch as e...
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