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Bluetooth Speaker Walkie-Talkie

Venture by Dreamwave, is a festival lover’s new best friend, the world’s first and only all-in-one portable Bluetooth speaker and walkie-talkie two way radio that goes anywhere and everywhere you go. Built for the extreme outdoor enthusiast, the rugged device features a powerful speaker, a built-in rechargeable battery, and a push-to-talk walkie-talkie function that is active up to a 3 mile range and can be connected with other walkie-talkies outside the Venture family, too. IPX5 protection against water, dust, sand and snow and portable design that can easily hook onto a D-ring makes the Venture an ideal outdoor activity speaker on the go.

Grab one now for a special price of $85 $99 from Huckberry

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Dnsys X1 Exoskeleton | Image

Dnsys X1 Exoskeleton

The AI-driven DNSYS-X1 is the ultimate companion for outdoor enthusiasts. This smart power exoskeleton redefines adventure by lightening your load and boosting your performance. Slip into the DNSYS X1 and unlock your inner superhero. With its cutting-edge design, this exoskeleton reduces muscle workload by 50%, giving you the energy to conquer any terrain. Powered by AI technology, the X1 anticipates your movements, providing personalized assistance where you...
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Bose SoundLink Max Speaker | Image

Bose SoundLink Max Speaker

Bose's latest addition to its SoundLink lineup is the mighty SoundLink Max portable Bluetooth speaker. This speaker boasts an impressive 20-hour battery life, making it perfect for music enthusiasts on the move. Equipped with three transducers and two passive radiators, the SoundLink Max delivers an expansive stereo experience with deep bass. Bose's cutting-edge digital signal processing technology ensures crystal-clear sound reproduction across all music gen...
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Designed for outdoorsmen, the Feastform Titanium Cooking Tools bring the noble, lightweight and durable material, normally used in aerospace or racing designs, to a cooking tool set that’s usually made from wood, plastic or silicone. It’s origami inspired design makes strong, stable yet flexible structures made from thin sheets of material, as the Japanese paper constructions. Along with lightweight that underlines portability, the Titanium material en...
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