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Zuli Smartplug

Zuli Smartplug is a new device that has the goal of optimizing your home´s power consumption, paired with an app that gives your walls´ power sockets smart management. You can manage your house´s lights, dimming them for a more relaxed ambiance or turn the power up if you need the extra light. Zuli Smartplug also enables you to manage the power consumption of your home´s appliances and thermostat. Its app can sense your presence in a room and quickly set the light and temperature you programmed. You can also check the app on your iPhone to see each appliance´s energy consumption to get a clearer sense of the power you´re using. Go green by saving energy with Zuli Smartplugs. watch the video below

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TytoHome Remote Exam Kit

The current situation dictates that the majority of us stay home. Health is the number one priority during these times, and with the TytoHome Remote Exam Kit, you can administer basic medical exams at home. With the innovative handheld kit, you can conduct a guided medical exam at home, then use the app to meet with a trusted physician for a video consultation. It includes a range of attachments: an otoscope for examining ears, a stethoscope for heartbeat and lungs;...
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NUWA PEN | Image


Nuwa Pen is a smart AI-powered ballpoint pen that uses real ink cartridges and converts handwriting to an exact digital copy ensuring your creations are stored, organized, and accessible through the Nuwa Pen app ...
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Distinctive design and functional. The Sanctuary from Blue Lounge, arranges your cables, charges your gadgets and stores your belongings in a single device. The simple and compact design conceals a universal charger compatible with over 1500 electronic devices from most major brands and a USB port allowing hundreds of electronic devices to be charged in a simple and practical way. Users can charge a cell phone, PDA, Blackberry, iPod, MP3 and Bluetooth ...
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