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Zeus Pro Jump Starter & Power Bank

Uncharted Supply has brought back the legendary Zeus Jump Starter with significant upgrades, making it even more robust and versatile. This ultra-durable portable jump starter not only rescues you from roadside emergencies when no one else has jumper cables but also serves as a power source for your tools and resurrects your dead devices through USB. It is a reliable backup lighting solution for unexpected situations that you can charge at home or on the road.

Equipped with a substantial 20,000 mAh capacity, the Zeus portable battery jumper can jump-start even the largest trucks multiple times. The newly added USB-C port allows you to power larger devices, such as a MacBook Pro, and facilitates quicker recharging of the Zeus. Remarkably, it can fully charge your iPhone Plus up to 10 times on a single charge.

Moreover, the Zeus is a versatile flashlight with strobe and SOS modes, ideal for nighttime navigation and emergency signaling. The included cigarette lighter adapter ensures compatibility with power tools and air pumps. With the Zeus Pro Jump Starter, you are prepared for any road trip or any emergency

zeus-pro-jump-starter-power-bank-2.jpeg | Image

zeus-pro-jump-starter-power-bank-3.jpeg | Image

zeus-pro-jump-starter-power-bank-4.jpeg | Image

zeus-pro-jump-starter-power-bank-5.jpeg | Image

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