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Yashica Night Vision Binocular

This night vision marvel transforms nocturnal exploration. Yashica Vision is a compact binocular, offering advanced optics and a superior CMOS sensor, plus 4K UHD full-color night vision with 3x optical and 5x digital zoom. Ideal for low-light exploration, it boasts a 600-meter view, 16-hour battery life, and a unique full-color mode for natural observation. With a wide F/1.0 aperture and IP65 durability, it's your perfect companion for outdoor adventures. Built for outdoor enthusiasts, Yashica Vision is robust, IP65-rated for water and dust resistance, and equipped with a compass, SOS/guiding lights, and a spacious 512GB storage. Watch the video below

yashica-night-vision-binocular-2.jpg | Image

yashica-night-vision-binocular-3.jpg | Image

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Balmuda, makers of the popular toaster oven, have introduced a Bluetooth speaker with lighting features that follow the movement of your music, and designed to recreate a full sensorial immersion into live music. The Balmuda Speaker creates clear, three-dimensional sound, and features beautiful lights that precisely synchronize with the music playing. Depending on your mood, you can choose between the Beat, Ambient, and Candle modes to follow the music depending on ...
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PlugBug Duo | Image

PlugBug Duo

Twelve South have introduced the all-new PlugBug Duo to help you simplify the accessories you travel with. The device transforms your MacBook charger to feature two standard USB ports along with international adapters. This means that you can charge three devices with one outlet, particularly handy when away from home. It comes with adapters that will ensure its use in over 150 countries and the 12W will get your gear powered up really quickly. Ideal for travellers ...
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Opal Tadpole Laptop 4K Webcam | Image

Opal Tadpole Laptop 4K Webcam

Meet the Opal Tadpole, the world's smallest webcam designed for life on the go. Uniquely crafted for laptops, the Tadpole boasts a category-first directional microphone, a mirrorless Sony IMX582 RS sensor, and a hassle-free mute function with just a tap. Its compact design includes an adjustable clip for most laptop displays, a convenient bead for safe storage or wrist wrapping, and a premium woven cable. Equipped with a powerful f1.8 six-elem...
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