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The Space Safe

Of all the smart home or safety technologies that have been released over the years, safes seem to have been left behind with no major innovations over nearly the last two decades. Featuring the most advanced safety technologies available, The Space Safe was designed to help you keep your valuables protected in the most discreet and technologically advanced safe on the market. It features an enormous touchscreen display that can accommodate up to four user profiles with pincode or biometric access, and if your safe is tampered with and you dont recognize the assailant from the live video footage, you can remotely disable the safe and alert 911 via The Space App. Other features include plenty of interior and exterior LED lights, an advanced motion sensing accelerometer, 2 interior USB charging ports to charge any device, temperature and humidity sensors, and an internal backup battery in case of power outage, remote lock down with alarm, and 911 contact capabilities. watch the video below

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Taylor Stitch
Huckberry Interior


Yohann iPad Stand is a new accessory developed for iPad users who need a support device to facilitate its use. The Yohann iPad Stand is beautifully built, specifically for iPad Air, milled from a single wood block, then sanded and finished with natural wax which gives it that organic feel and a classic understated look. With minimalist design, it´ll look good no matter where you put it. Lightweight and designed so you can set your iPad on several diff...
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Triton Gills is straight out of a Bond movie, something you just didn´t think possible: the world´s first artificial gills that really make you breathe underwater! You´ve read it right, it separates the molecules in the water, letting you breathe the oxygen in them. How cool is that? It does so by using a modified micro compressor that compresses the oxygen present in the water and stores it in a small tank in the device. You can use it to a maximum depth of 15 f...
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Playsoprt ZX5 is Kodak´s 2nd generation HD Waterproof Pocket Video Camera, it is like a Flip camera, but a lot tougher. It was built to take on the most extreme lifestyles, it is waterproof (up to 10 ft), dustproof, and shockproof (can take a fall from 5ft). Not only is this little camera tough, it can deliver the goods, recording full 1080pHD. With Kodak´s share button, sharing your media couldn´t be easier....
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