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SwitchBot Lock Pro

SwitchBot introduces the Lock Pro, an upgraded version of its retrofit smart lock, offering enhanced features and versatility. Priced at $119.99, the Lock Pro boasts an aluminum alloy body, ensuring durability and security. It features a quick key lock/unlock mechanism and supports multiple unlocking options, including fingerprint, NFC tag, keypad, and even your Apple watch.

The Lock Pro integrates seamlessly with existing deadbolt locks, making installation effortless. Its powerful motor delivers smooth operation, while the upgraded battery system ensures extended usage. With AES-128-CTR encryption, the lock prioritizes security, offering peace of mind to users.

Moreover, the Lock Pro supports Matter integration, enabling compatibility with major smart home platforms. Whether it's remote unlocking or voice commands, the Lock Pro caters to various user preferences. With its sleek design and advanced features, the SwitchBot Lock Pro redefines smart home security, offering convenience and reliability to users worldwide.

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