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Raptic Link + Lock AirTag Holder

The Raptic Link + Lock is your ultimate solution for enhanced security and tracking with Apple AirTags. Whether you are safeguarding your suitcase or bicycle, this holder does it all. The built-in three-digit combination lock ensures your AirTag stays where it belongs, deterring potential thieves. Crafted with robust casted zinc, it offers heavy-duty protection. Your AirTag fits snugly inside the sturdy polycarbonate interior, while the integrated carabiner easily attaches to various items. Its versatility lets you track more of your possessions, and its portable design allows you to take it on the go. While it may not be impervious to determined thieves, this device adds an essential layer of security to your belongings when you are on the move.

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SNOOZ | Image


Snooz is an ultra portable white noise machine that lets you get a restful night’s sleep anywhere. The elegantly designed acoustic noise machine turns your bedroom into a haven for sleep by producing just the right volume of background noise to help you nod off into dreamland. With a real fan inside, the sleek device helps you fall asleep to the natural soothing sound of moving air without actually blowing cold air on you. Unlike other white noise machines, there�...
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CMF Power Charger | Image

CMF Power Charger

CMF, the Nothing budget-friendly sub-brand, has introduced the CMF Power 65W GaN Charger, a compact, potent, and the ultimate on-the-go charging solution. Equipped with two USB-C ports and a USB-A port, this GaN-powered charger is versatile, efficiently charging phones, tablets, earbuds, and notebooks. With cutting-edge GaN technology, it delivers rapid and secure charging, boasting robust thermal conductivity. The intelligent chip adjusts voltage and current, and i...
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This is fun! the BONE Horn Stand speaker slips on to your iphone for lo-fi amplification. Made out of silicon, and using old-fashioned acoustical science, this gadget adds 13 decibles of sound to your iphone´s speakers without using any battery power! it also works has a stand! cool....
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