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Motorola Defy Satellite Link

Say goodbye to the frustration of losing cellular signal when you need it the most. This lightweight Bluetooth accessory connects to Bullitt´s satellites, providing two-way messaging in areas without traditional cell phone service. Built for outdoor use, it passed Mil-Spec 810H testing and is IP68-rated for water and dust resistance. With a long-lasting battery and physical SOS and location check-in buttons, it offers peace of mind and safety even without a smartphone. The Motorola Defy Smartphone Satellite Link is a lifeline for remote areas without cell service. Simply pair it with your smartphone, download the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app, and you are ready to connect to professional assistance using the SOS button. Explore the outdoors with confidence, knowing that the Defy can withstand rugged conditions and keep you connected when it matters most.

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Deeper is a portable wireless sonar specially designed to find out location of fish, depth, water temperature, bottom contour and much more. The innovative device is lightweight and portable, it attaches to a line or fishing float and communicates via Bluetooth with an included app on your smartphone or tablet, displaying information such as high accuracy sonar shots that reveal fish species, see depth, detailed view of the bottom terrain, water temperature (so you ...
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The Absolute Cycling One is being dubbed as the smartest cycling computer in the world. The sleek device enhances the capabilities of riders when commuting in urban areas or heading off the beaten path. With impeccable navigation, great detail accuracy and an easy-to-use interface, it offers a wide range of essential functions to get the most out of your bike outings. It uses something called Absolute Positioning Technology for real-time location tracking accuracy a...
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Nocs NS1100 AIR Earphones | Image

Nocs NS1100 AIR Earphones

The audio masters at Nocs Design have introduced a TWS earbud that lets you calibrate the audio experience based on your hearing. Everyone hears differently, and to account for this, the new NS1100 Air earphones have Audiodo personalization technology built in, and trough an included app, each user can complete a hearing calibration to provide a truly personal sound experience. Each ear is assessed separately and the entire calibration takes under 3 minutes. The app...
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