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Ledger Stax Crypto Wallet

More and more people are being introduced to crypto exchanges for the first time thanks to all the hype right now. But there is a fundamental rule, that everyone needs to know: If your crypto is stored on an exchange, it is not your crypto. Hackers can sometimes gain access to these exchanges in spite of security measures designed to prevent theft. A physical hardware wallet (also known as a cold wallet) is one of the safest methods for holding crypto, as these wallets are not accessible via the Internet, this puts you, and only you, in complete control over the management of your digital assets. The new Ledger Stax hardware wallet is designed for daily transactions and securely protects your digital assets. Created with the help of iPod-designer Tony Fadell, the new crypto wallet gives you complete control over your assets, and features a Secure Element chip, their own operating system, and an E Ink display to give you a complete picture of your transactions. The elegant wallet is housed in an aluminum casing, has integrated magnets that lets you to stack numerous devices, and each one can stay fully charged for several months if left unused. It can also be charged wirelessly. watch the video below

ledger-stax-crypto-wallet-2.jpg | Image

ledger-stax-crypto-wallet-3.jpg | Image

ledger-stax-crypto-wallet-4.jpg | Image

ledger-stax-crypto-wallet-5.jpg | Image

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