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Kelvin Smart And Efficient Electric Heater

Boldr is creating the future of home heating with Kelvin, a heater crafted to keep you comfortable, whilst saving you money on energy bills. The sleek, minimalist infrared heater doubles as home decor, and  allows users to turn down their thermostats without compromising on comfort.

Delivering electric infrared heating technology, Kelvin distributes heat evenly, accurately and sustainably, and can maintain a comfortable temperature while using 30% less energy than conventional electric heaters. And, by using the smart home capabilities of the included app, you can ensure that your radiator uses less energy, allowing you to cut your heating costs by up to 50%. All it needs is a wall outlet to plug into.

You control everything from the included app, meaning not only smart schedules and zonal heating (room by room control), remote access control, but the ability to monitor your spending for maximum efficiency. The sleek unit uses a standard electrical outlet, measures only 10mm thick and can free stand or be wall mounted. Another super cool feature about the Kelvin heater is that it constantly receives software updates. Available in a choice of black or white to match your home decor.

The Kelvin Smart Heater is available exclusively to Blessthisstuff readers with a 15% coupon using the exclusive discount code at checkout: BLESS15


Our thanks to Boldr for sponsoring the site this week. The post was written by the BTS team and not influenced in any way.

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