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Hypershell Robotic Exoskeleton

The Hypershell Robotic Exoskeleton is a cutting-edge device that combines advanced robotics, ergonomics, and artificial intelligence into a small and powerful form. It enables users to surpass their physical limits, allowing them to climb higher, run faster, carry more, or simply walk with less effort. Equipped with the innovative Omega system, the Hypershell exoskeleton is both lightweight and robust, featuring a central motor combined with eight passive joints that doubles its assist effectiveness and performance/weight ratio.

For individuals who love to travel, backpack, work, or explore, the Hypershell Exoskeleton can revolutionize the way they experience the world. It can function as an endurance power bank, significantly increase productivity, or serve as a personal sherpa to carry your belongings. With the AI Motion Engine integrated into the device, users can achieve a maximum running speed of 20km/h, conquer a 60-degree slope, carry a steady 30kg weight offset, and generate 10kg of horizontal thrust. The AI Motion Engine can adapt to over nine different sports modes, enabling users to effortlessly adjust to various terrain conditions and speeds. The Hypershell exoskeleton empowers users to expand their horizons and challenge their physical limits with unprecedented speed and agility. watch the video below

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