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Flextail Mosquito Repellent & Camping Lantern

Flextail, renowned for its innovative and ultralight camping gear, has unveiled this compact marvel that combines a mosquito repellent, adjustable camping lantern, and power bank, setting a new standard in outdoor mosquito protection. Flextail Tiny Repel is the ultimate solution for keeping pesky mosquitoes at bay while enjoying the great outdoors.

This groundbreaking device boasts three patented technologies, making it a pioneer in outdoor mosquito repelling. It features efficient dual-sided heating technology, accommodating two mosquito repellent pads simultaneously and reaching an optimal 329 Fahrenheit within 2 minutes. It offers two modes: Camping mode, achieving 230 Fahrenheit in 50 seconds, and Outdoor mode, reaching 329 Fahrenheit in 2 minutes for maximum repellent efficacy.

This device is not just about mosquito protection, it is a versatile camping light with four-level brightness adjustment for various scenarios. It provides a remarkable 60-hour runtime at the lowest brightness setting. Plus, the high-capacity 4800mAh battery ensures extended use in Camping and Outdoor modes, and it can even charge other USB devices via the TYPE-C interface.

With a built-in magnet at the bottom, it can securely attach to any metal surface, and an IPX5-rated water-resistant design, makes it reliable in wind and rain.

flextail-mosquito-repellent-camping-lantern-2.jpeg | Image

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