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Eufy Pet Camera

This cool gadget allows you to watch, talk and feed your pet using your smartphone. The award winning Eufy Pet Camera lets you see your furry friend with stunning 1080p clarity in real time, through a rotating and wide-angle lens that eliminates blind spots. In fact, it features a pet detection sensor that identifies them and smart motion tracking follows them. The sleek device also lets you talk to them through the 2 way audio system, and even interact and give them small treats (with 3-distance options and 270-degree rotatable treat tossing) to compensate them providing a well earned reward for being so patient while waiting for you at home. You can also choose to receive notifications when the pet is heard or seen on camera, so users know when to tune in. It also comes with 16GB of local storage, which means that your recordings are always accessible without another monthly subscription fee.

Use the Code: WSCPVAKOMT at checkout for 30% discount until the 8th of June

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Moxie is an innovative showerhead equipped with a waterproof wireless speaker that plays your favorite tunes via Bluetooth. The speaker features a magnetic design and snaps into place in the center of the showerhead, you can easily remove it and take it to your dressing room or other locations, such as swimming pools or beaches. The speaker provides up to seven hours of continuous play and can be recharged via an included USB cable. via...
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Those who love and care for their pets know the importance of keeping them healthy and well fed at regular hours, but with a hectic lifestyle it can be difficult. That is why the Pintofeed was born, a device that supplies food to your pet via your smartphone! Ideally you should directly interact with your pet, and this device doesn´t replace the owner, but on a trip or a long day at work, with a few simple taps on your phone you can provide the right a...
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Yamaha YAS-106 Sound Bar | Image

Yamaha YAS-106 Sound Bar

Yamaha has just released its latest entry-level sound bar, and boy does it look good. The sleek Yamaha YAS-106 Sound Bar features an ultra slim design, two built-in subwoofers that deliver deep, rich bass, plus two tweeters, and two woofers spaced far apart for full stereo sound and virtual surround sound. There is also support for 4K and HD audio (via HDMI), and the option to use Dolby Audio or DTS Digital Surround. Its ultra slim design fits neatly in front of you...
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