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Elecjet Apollo Ultra

A new product is taking Indiegogo by storm, billed as the first power bank to use the revolutionary Real Graphene Technology, Elecjet is here to take charging electronic devices to the next level and make the unbelievable super speed of charging a reality. Elecjet Apollo Ultra is being dubbed as "the world’s fastest charging power bank", and claims to be capable of fully charging 3 phones in under 27 minutes. In fact, the game changing device charges five times faster than conventional battery packs. Dont believe it? then check out this review by The Verge. Not only does it deliver ultra-fast charging, but long service life, Elecjet says the Apollo Ultra will last for more than 2,500 charging cycles before the battery falls below 80 percent health, as opposed to the 500 cycles of other conventional lithium-ion batteries. It has a USB-C and USB 3.0 ports, and a OLED display which shows the charge remaining in the power bank. watch the video below

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Bitplay Wander Case for iPhone 13 Series | Image

Bitplay Wander Case for iPhone 13 Series

Bitplay just launched two brand new colors of their popular Wander Case for the iPhone 13. Now available in Sand or Khaki Green the new case comes with a sticker set that lets you customize and create your personal style.  The case features a clear, anti-scratch backplate and an ultra-slim and light-weight design, and boasts a unique attachment connector so you can easily fasten Bitplay’s straps and accessories when you are on the move. The quick-releas...
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Tile has announced new versions of its popular Bluetooth trackers. The all-new Tile Trackers now come with better range and new features. The company has upgraded its lineup and introduced its most powerful model yet - Tile Pro, their first ultra-wideband tracker that will use AR to help you find lost items. The Pro also has a finding range of 400 feet, is lightweight and slim, has a loud ring, and has a replaceable battery that should last for up to a year. Meanwhi...
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The Aviiq Portable Laptop Stand is perfect for the mobile professional always working outside the office. The sleek stand is unlike other laptop stands that are big, bulky and hardly portable. The super portable laptop stand elevates your laptop at a 12 degree angle making it ideal for wrist and screen visibility. When not in use fold it down to a very thin 1/4 inch and easily pack it in your laptop bag. Available for purchase in Europe here...
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